SBI Yoshitaka Kitao to Create XRP Demand with Ripple Tech & R3, Tokyo Digital Currency

SBI Yoshitaka Kitao to Create XRP Demand with Ripple Tech & R3, Tokyo Digital Currency

This year, the SBI Group celebrated its 20th anniversary. Looking at the results of these 20 years in each of the three major businesses of the Group, the financial services business established a financial ecosystem centered on securities, banking and insurance businesses with online as the main channel, and the asset management business globally. In the bio-related business, we established a global R & D, manufacturing and sales system for 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA). We would like to thank our shareholders and investors who have supported the Group’s leap forward so far, and will continue to promote our own future through three processes: self-denial, self-transformation, and self-evolution.

Interview SBI Kitao San

SBI Holdings (HD) President Yoshitaka Kitao said on the 3rd, “We will use various fintechs in Japan and overseas to realize the“ fourth megabank concept ”with regional financial institutions.” He spoke in a lecture on “Finsum 2019” (opening on the 3rd), which is the theme of the utilization of FinTech, co-sponsored by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Financial Services Agency.

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