Ripple XRP: Tone Vays Gives 4 Reasons XRP Fails

Ripple XRP: Tone Vays Gives 4 Reasons XRP Fails

XRP price has a tough weekend once again as we almost dip under 20 cents. Crypto is down and it doesn’t look like it is stopping.

Is the XRPL under attack. Bitcoin spam payments are at an all time high.

Tone Vays gives us four reasons why XRP will fail. I try to take a look at his logic and show why he misses the mark.

Ripple & the XRP Ledger are creating new business in Mexico, In the pasts high costs made these corridors unworkable, but XRP is leveling the playing field.

Is it Tesla Cyber Truck Time??

My first Coil Blog: Is the XRP Ledger Under Attack??

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