Ethereum Saturday | Best Ethereum News  [ 23-30 November 2019 ]

Ethereum Saturday | Best Ethereum News [ 23-30 November 2019 ]

1. Stolen Ethereum from Upbit on the relocation: Inside job or security breach?

CNF has reported on the facts surrounding the hacker attack on the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange UPbit. The stolen funds amount to around 340,000 Ethers (ETH), an amount that reaches 50 million dollars. UPbit has actually validated the attack and, although no specific information is known about it, other exchanges claim to be taking steps to obstruct any stolen money that enters their wallets.

On the other hand, UPbit has actually taken actions to attempt to include the situation. It has frozen its clients’ funds, moved its funds from the hot wallet of the exchange to a cold wallet and suspended all withdrawals and deposits for 2 weeks. In addition, they have guaranteed to repay the taken Ethereum as quickly as possible.

From the moment the theft was reported, the crypto community has speculated on how the events have occurred. Some claim that the hack was an inside job. This practice, it is presumed, might be used by exchanges to prevent the payment of taxes.

However, the hacker’s method operandi shows no proof to support that argument. Nor has it been shown that the security of the platform has been compromised.

2. Ethereum Is Due To Shoot Up Soon

Given the current downturn in the value of Ethereum and obviously the overarching down pattern we have experienced over the past 12 months (and even longer) numerous have actually started to lose hope in Ethereum as a cryptocurrency investment. It doesn’t help either that over the previous year and beyond Ethereum has been in a market capitalisation fight with its friend XRP. The two have actually been contending for the 2nd place area in the markets for many months now, though as the time of writing Ethereum stands clear in that area a minimum of.

Whilst the negativeness surrounding Ethereum is rife, we must keep in mind a couple of indications that recommend Ethereum could increase soon enough, providing us investors a little something to anticipate at the very least.

In the next number of months, we can all hope that Bitcoin begins to climb upwards once again. Please, remember however, if you do wish to buy Ethereum you should do your own research prior study initially to ensure you don’t put yourself at risk. The marketplaces are constantly dangerous, trade safe.

3. Binance Launches Ethereum Futures with 50x Leverage

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has actually announced the launch of its 2nd continuous agreement, ETH/USDT. According to the official declaration, the exchange’s users will have the ability to choose in between 1-50x utilize.

At the end of recently, ETH/USDT futures were released on the Binance Futures test network. Earlier iHodl reported that Binance increased the optimum take advantage of that traders can utilize when they trade with margin. Meanwhile, Bakkt reported through its main Twitter account that the trading volume of its bitcoin futures contracts reached 4,443 bitcoins, 60% more than the previous record.

4. US Arrests Ethereum Developer for Training North Koreans to Evade Sanctions

Virgil Griffith, who has actually recently was operating at the Ethereum Foundation, has been detained for apparently going to a conference in North Korea and sharing his competence in using cryptocurrency.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced Friday that Griffith was detained at Los Angeles International Airport on Thanksgiving Day.

The complaint particularly cites infractions of International Emergency Economic Powers Act. The announcement said that Griffith ought to appear in a court in Los Angeles today.

5. A Product Development Team Just Made ETH Block Production Twice As Fast

Blockchain advisory and item development company Akomba Labs performed a test on the Ethereum network that shows it can make block proliferation at least twice as quick.

Coindesk reported on Nov. 27 that Akomba Labs– in partnership with the scalability-focused blockchain startup BloXroute– ran a two-week test measuring the outcomes of running BloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) on the Ethereum network.

Test findings revealed that the average block propagation performance considerably enhanced, dropping from 360 milliseconds without the BDN to 172 milliseconds with it.

The test results further show that BDN could potentially emerge as a solution to Ethereum’s scalability fiasco. BloXroute CEO Uri Klarman commented:

” Ethereum feels the burn of the scalability traffic jam more than any other blockchain out there […] It’s losing momentum, it’s losing market share. They feel the issue. Most others don’t.”.

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