Charles Hoskinson Interview -  From Ethereum to Cardano and IOHK

Charles Hoskinson Interview – From Ethereum to Cardano and IOHK

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In our latest interview, we spoke with Charles Hoskins: a man who has made a significant living investing in crypto, developing his own companies, and, as a hobby, ranching and creating his own anthill art. Charles, who originally graduated from Metro State University in Denver and then studied at the University of Colorado, has helped create three different crypto start-ups and—as we will discuss in the interview—has certainly learned a lot along the way.

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While Charles’ most recognizable startup is today’s second-largest coin, Ethereum, it seems his proudest work is what he has done with IOHK and Cardano. We caught up with Charles to learn more about his accomplishments and his views on the future of crypto.

👉 What are the most important components of crypto?

As someone who is incredibly familiar with the crypto industry as a whole, Charles has become a staunch advocate for crypto as the currency of the future. He wisely recognizes that young people, especially in the developing world, statistically prefer storing their wealth in cryptocurrency rather than their national currency or even their national stock market.

Charles discusses in detail how new coins can provide holders with value and increase their value over time. He is a major advocate for decentralization and universal accessibility, two components he believes helps make these coins so appealing to new investors.

👉 How is Cardano making a difference in the world?

In the interview, Charles and I discuss how Cardano may very well be the cryptocurrency of the future. The makers of the coin, which specifically focuses on extending crypto access to the developing world, recognizes that the coin is especially valuable for individuals living under corrupt regimes or without access to banks. Mongolia and Ethiopia are two countries that Charles’ believes the coin has the potential to take off in. The entire continent of Africa has significant potential for growth. If trading and storing wealth can be extended to the developing world, global wealth discrepancies may someday begin to decrease.

👉 What is the future of Bitcoin and the crypto industry? Is it feasible that Bitcoin will be worth $1 million by 2021?

In the interview, we discuss how John McAfee—a well-known crypto advocate and libertarian rebel—predicts that Bitcoin may be worth more than $1 million by the year 2021 (increasing in value by roughly 10,000%). Though Charles is a bit more hesitant than John to predict such a quick value increase, he certainly acknowledges that the crypto market has seemingly unlimited potential. Though Bitcoin has far weaker technology supporting it than many of today’s new players, as the main industry’s “gold standard” it will likely lead the way towards the future.

Listen to the full interview to learn more about Charles’ fascinating experiences and what he thinks the future of the crypto market might look like.

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