Bitcoin podcaster Stephan LIvera and Richard Heart talk BTC, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin podcaster Stephan LIvera and Richard Heart talk BTC, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency.

has about 20k followers and asks great questions. The snapshot will occur December 2nd at the first Bitcoin block mined after 00:00:00 UTC. You must have access to the private keys to your Bitcoin address having a balance at that exact blockheight to be able to submit a claim after. If you have a normal or segwit bitcoin address, you are very likely to be eligible to claim.

To read more about which addresses are eligible, please visit

The HEX contract will be targeted for launch at 00:00:00 UTC the next day after the snapshot. You will have a day to gather up ETH and convert BTC into ETH to join the Adoption Amplifier on day 1. This way you can both FreeClaim and then transform the BTC to ETH to transform into HEX via the AA system. If you don’t already have BTC it’s very likely you will make much more HEX buying ETH to send to the AA system, than by buying BTC just to FreeClaim with it. The math is here:

Remember that stakers make more HEX the more people that free claim, so you might want to spread your 20% referral links that people get a 10% bonus for using. Works for the AA system too.


Claim free HEX tokens! Launching next month. The first high interest blockchain Certificate of Deposit (time deposit.) Get rich this bull market! Programmed to pump. Stake it till you make it! Richard Heart: Blockchain thought leader, cryptocurrency investor, author, serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin OG

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I was extremely tired during this video, so some things aren’t as accurate as usual, for instance, when you FreeClaim, you are only 90% autostaked, 10% you can do whatever you want with, which is important in regards to what I was saying about day 353 price. I see here I said the freeclaimers couldn’t sell till the, but didn’t point out the 90%/10% split. I wouldn’t be surprised if other things were slightly off due to tiredness as well. I’m too tired to rewatch it all right now 🙂

00:00:00 Yes! Finally! The HEX Bitcoin snapshot date is announced!
00:00:39 Audits
00:01:26 Day 353 Price Dump
00:07:39 Notifications / How to Follow Richard
00:09:02 How to Claim
00:11:16 Where Adoption Amplifier ETH Goes (Howey Test)
00:16:28 Share Price (Longer Pays Better)
00:19:29 Pre-Claim Actions
00:21:02 Tutorials
00:21:22 Adoption Amplifier – Trading For / Buying BTC (Day 1 FOMO)
00:24:58 Dynamic System / Speculative Stickiness
00:28:31 Recycling / Abusing Adoption Amplifier (EOS)
00:32:08 CopyPastas / Re-Answering HEX Questions
00:36:44 Bubbles / Pyramids / Ponzis
00:40:10 Snapshot Date and Time
00:42:46 Minimum ETH in Adoption Amplifier
00:44:20 Using Ethereum / Interoperability
00:47:36 Claiming and Tutorials
00:49:37 The Real Satoshi
00:50:28 Tutorials / Launch Readiness
00:51:58 HEX Merchandise
00:53:00 Posture
00:53:49 Recapitulation
00:56:19 Why HEX Might Appreciate
00:59:06 HEX VS BTC
01:01:10 Respecting The Market
01:03:06 Tutorials
01:03:44 Launch VS Snapshot Date
01:04:10 HEX Supply
01:04:37 Models
01:06:27 Splitting Up Stakes
01:08:03 Blacklisting Addresses
01:09:09 Ledger / MetaMask / Electrum
01:09:33 Diet / Health
01:10:27 HEX Developers
01:11:18 Twitter Imposters
01:12:47 Weight / Health
01:13:10 Closed-Source
01:14:28 Jewelry
01:15:21 Using HEX / BTC for Transactions
01:23:22 Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins
01:24:51 Broken Keyboard
01:25:25 HEX Keys
01:26:08 IQ Bell Curve
01:26:48 Programmed to Pump
01:28:53 Tutorials
01:30:13 No Revealing Private Keys
01:32:56 Importance of ETH Adoption Amplifier
01:35:37 Ungrateful / Helpful People
01:38:14 Merchandise
01:39:05 After HEX: Scivive
01:43:03 Haters (Elon Musk)
01:47:05 Where Adoption Amplifier ETH Goes (Howey Test) / Ownership
01:48:46 Looking Happy
01:48:56 Minting Your Own Coins
01:51:21 Wolf of Wall Street
01:51:38 Adoption Amplifier – Trading For / Buying BTC
01:57:09 HEX is NOT a Security (Howey Test)
01:57:30 Crypto Founders Dumping
02:00:36 Psychedelics
02:06:31 SUMMARY
02:09:09 Richard’s Shills

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