A complete guide to Perfect Money Ethereum ERC20 Token mining

A complete guide to Perfect Money Ethereum ERC20 Token mining

Do you want to 💸 earn by cryptocurrency mining but do not have a bunch of money to buy expensive miners? 👇

Have you ever heard of ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum blockchain? They are widely used nowadays by thousands of people worldwide. But most of them use so called “pre-mining”, when a lot of these tokens are already being mined and held by contract owners.

On the other side, to mine popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum itself, you should buy expensive miners for thousand of dollars, because you have already missed the opportunity of “home mining” on your PC processor or graphics card 🙁

And here comes Perfect Money Token (aka PMT), which is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain too, but with unbeatable benefits for most of us:
maximum supply of PMT is set to 21 000 000 which makes it scarce just like Bitcoin is;

👉 no pre-mining means contract owners do not have a lot of tokens to dump its rate or manipulate it;

👉 mining function of the Ethereum contract 0x5d0be1e7ca540b007d89bbe0f56f2fa6a60342ea 👇

allows anyone who want to mine this token do it once per hour (3600 seconds) by calling this function and get tokens to their balance of ETH wallet used for creating a transaction;

👉 the more tokens is held by your ETH address used to mine Private money transfer to UID# , the more PMT contract will send to you after successful mining function call;

This is why everyone in the world has equal starting possibilities to earn by mining and simultaneously staking of PMT.

Are you interested? Let’s get started:

First, you need a Brave browser to use your Metamask ETH wallet safely:👇

Second, you need Metamask extension itself:👇

Third, fund your Metamask ETH wallet with some ETH to be able to write to Perfect Money Token contract and mine PMT. We recommend to get some ETH at
Binance 👇


cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fourth, go to Write contract section and call mining() function to mine your PMT. You can do it once per 1 hour. And remember: the more PMT your ETH address will hold the more PMT will be mined by you!

Simple enough? Follow these simple steps and become a miner again!

P.S. In the next article I will write about where we will be able to exchange PMT to ETH and back. So please follow me to keep in touch!

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