[13] Joe Lubin: ConsenSys CEO & Ethereum Co-Founder, From Robotics to Finance to Music to Blockchain

[13] Joe Lubin: ConsenSys CEO & Ethereum Co-Founder, From Robotics to Finance to Music to Blockchain

Did you know…Joe Lubin

Was a CEO of a music management company in Kingston, Jamaica?

During the 2008 financial crisis, Joe left the finance industry and tried the music business.

Joe was a research scientist and software engineer after graduating from Princeton University in Toronto.

And was involved in the university’s Robotics and Expert Systems Laboratory and later at Vision Applications.

He was a successful tech executive in Goldman Sachs’ private wealth management division before he left for Jamaica.

However, his calling for technology couldn’t be put aside.

After coming across bitcoin’s whitepaper, he realized that “blockchain technology could be much more than just supporting Bitcoin transactions.”

“It became clear to me that instead of just telling everybody that things are problematic, we could actually start getting busy building alternative infrastructure. But it’s going to take us a while to build scalable infrastructure—we’re going really fast, but it’s a big endeavor.”

Later, when Vitalik came out with the Ethereum proposal, he met him and co-founder Anthony Di Iorio and started their work together.

“when I read Vitalik’s white paper, it was clear he’d come up with by far the most scalable and the most sophisticated version. Scalable in the sense that it was something software engineers could understand how to use.”

“We are taking the core ideas from the bitcoin blockchain and we are improving them in a variety of ways, making it faster and more secure,” he said.

Joe is believed to be the world’s single largest holder of ether.

But due to philosophical differences, Ethereum’s founders were divided. Vitalik wanted a non-profit entity, while Anthony and Joe wanted a for-profit enterprise.

After he left Ethereum, he founded ConsenSys. ConsenSys hopes to be a “provider, funder, and educator around blockchain.”

Joe’s interest for decentralization and experience have contributed to the awareness and spread of blockchain technology around the world.

He’s become known as one of the industry’s pioneers.

“Blockchain has come a far way from its basement days as a cypherpunk pipe dream. It is a global initiative and making a difference on the ground.”

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