Bitcoin Cash Upgrade is Complete, Sign Transactions with an NFC Card! & 5M Wallets Created

Bitcoin Cash Upgrade is Complete, Sign Transactions with an NFC Card! & 5M Wallets Created

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â–ş Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Complete: 2 New Protocol Changes Added
The Bitcoin Cash network has successfully upgraded the latest ruleset changes to the protocol. The BCH blockchain now features the enforcement of minimal pushdata in the script, which will make a majority of BCH network transactions non-malleable. Moreover, as an extension to last May’s Schnorr upgrade, the opcode OP_Checkmultisig(verify) will now feature Schnorr signature support.


â–şSmart card developed for Bitcoin Cash payments
Using “NFC”, which stands for “Near Field Communication”, the smart card provides signatures for transactions that can then be broadcast to the Bitcoin Cash network by the other device, which can be a cheap, widely available android smartphone.


â–şCoinex launches a decentralized exchange platform
The platform is a blockchain built to enable exchange functions in a decentralized way, with no central point of failure


â–ş Wallet reaches 5 million wallets created
With over 5 million wallets created since the app launched, this milestone represents the continued growth of cryptocurrency adoption and awareness.
An upcoming update to the app will bring various new features including built-in SLP token support and built-in privacy features, as well as an improved user experience.


â–şGoCrypto migrates ELI token to Bitcoin Cash with GoC Token
The GoCrypto team (formerly Eligma) has decided to migrate the ELI token from the Ethereum blockchain to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain using the Simple Ledger protocol
The token will be renamed GoCrypto, with the new symbol GoC
With already more than 530 locations in Slovenia and Croatia accepting payments via GoCrypto, the company is in the process of expanding to Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, Serbia, and Bulgaria.


â–şLondon Bitcoin Cash Meetup featuring key speakers
The London Bitcoin Cash group is holding a Speaker Series event on Tuesday, Nov. 19th, with plans to highlight the case for Bitcoin Cash and the progress that has been made over the last two years.
Speakers from the Bitcoin Cash community will include myself (Roger Ver), Lead Developer at Bitcoin ABC Amaury SĂ©chet, developer and creator of CashScript Rosco Kalis, and more.


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