Sports Network BTC - Short Summary of

Sports Network BTC – Short Summary of

Sports Network BTC – Grow Your BTC – 365 Days a Year.

* Sports Betting + Cryptocurrency = Winning Big
* No more trying to time the market.
* No more information overload and trying to figure out if BitCoin is going up or down.
* No more programs that come and go in a few months leaving you stranded.
Just a simple, conservative, proven strategy to grow your BitCoin quickly and safely!


NOTE: The Company announced important changes on November 5, 2019. An earlier “trader bonus” was changed to a customer acquisition bonus, and a new system of credits was introduced. Websites are not yet updated, and videos made prior to this date likely contain outdated information.


Why You Don’t Want To Delay Joining Sports Network BTC (SNB)

Earn up to 2.0% per day up to double the amount of your Bitcoin Sports Network Package (0.01 – 5 BTC) paid every day once qualified, automatically, to your BTC wallet without you having to request a withdrawal!

You can even earn override commissions up to 5 BTC per day by persuading others to join SNB and doing the same as you…

1. Company just launched October 1 – It has around 4,000 members. The whole world is wide open in a huge industry that takes no holidays ever!

2. The Owner is out in the open living in the US (verified) – with the corporation based in (British Virgin Islands (BVI). He has also hired an experienced consultant to keep his feet to the fire and keep him focused on the task at hand, which is always paying the reps first.
Owner has had extensive experience in sports betting and has trading/money management systems in place and BTC has made it much easier and faster. He has legal and compliance teams in place.

3. All bets are transparent and recorded in the back office. You can check/verify yourself.

4. The Business model appears sustainable and scalable. BTC increases funding and withdrawal speeds. The referral aspect skyrockets earnings.

5. You can earn life changing income (up to 5 BTC per day) with a binary that pays up to 12% on the lesser volume side by persuading others to join, participate, and inspire others to do the same. You also you can earn fast start uni-level bonuses in your first 30 days.

6. The retail aspect of the product packages also makes it possible for members to sell retail betting packages and earn money without needing to do the network marketing aspect if they choose not to do so.

7. No sports betting activity is required on your part except purchasing the Sports Network Package, but you can learn how to do yourself. They have “Game of the Week” promotions, are introducing a credit system for other exciting features like auctions. The online auction function went live in mid-November. Now you can bid on products and services, winning them for pennies on the dollar.

8. On November 5, 2019 the owner announced some important compliance changes after taking legal and compliance advice. The changes made it very clear that this business has nothing to do with a passive investment vehicle that some people thought it was. It made clear that, with a name change, there is no cryptocurrency trading involved.

Full details are available here:

Sports Betting + Cryptocurrency = Winning Big

You can join for as little as 0.01 BTC (about $90-$100 in today’s BTC price) and take a peek under the hood, including game of the week.

Above All: Be An Adult: This Is A GAMBLING Business. Only Wager What You Can Afford To Lose… Do Not Bet Your Lunch Money, Rent Money, Car Payment, Or Take Credit Card Cash Advances….You Have Been Warned!


Need to get started with BitCoin?

The easiest exchange to start is Coinbase:

Betting is inherently risky, and cryptocurrency can experience extreme price volatility. The exchange price of a Coin may change significantly and you may be unable to transact Coins or money at the anticipated rate or price. Changes in prices may result in large changes in value and/ or loss of liquidity quotes for arbitration. Past performance is not a reliable indicator or guarantee of future performance. Coin prices go down as well as up. Bets can be won or lost. Risks include but are not limited to: team failures, changes in betting odds, market risks, system risks, cybersecurity, transaction processing risks, regulatory risks, trading risks, risks made by yourself, business failure, and others.

This information should not be considered as financial, legal, accounting or investment advice, and we are not financial or investment advisors. Seek professional advice for any questions you may have.



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