How Is Digitex Different from Other BTC Futures Exchanges?

How Is Digitex Different from Other BTC Futures Exchanges?

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In this concise explainer video, Digitex Futures founder and CEO Adam Todd explains how Digitex is different from all other fee-charging BTC futures exchanges on the market. To start with, by being a zero-fee exchange, traders can place as many trades as they want without incurring a single fee.

Right now, it’s practically impossible for short-term traders and scalpers to make money due to crippling commissions. With all other exchanges, the more you trade, the more you pay to the house. At Digitex, we don’t believe in punishing our most active traders, the ones who lend the most liquidity.

That’s why there are no transaction fees of any kind on any trade–and no mechanical edge working against you. Are you ready for commission-free trading?

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