#BTC Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern? #crypto #btc  #bitcoin #ethereum #eth #mrnodeitall

#BTC Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern? #crypto #btc #bitcoin #ethereum #eth #mrnodeitall

In this live stream today we will cover the market activity and where #BTC and other alts are headed! In addition, covering the STP Signals and 3Commas bot setups!

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🤑💰💰We help individuals learn about investment opportunities with cryptocurrency and blockchain.
Our services, which include masternodes setup & blockchain consulting, help to generate passive income with minimal intervention.💰💰.

Things to watch out for when buying a high risk masternode:
✅ check bitcointalk thread(make sure its not a noobie post) —
✅ check volume on exchange greater than $3-5k consistently is good shows strong demand.
✅ Make sure they have an active discord.
✅ make sure the token supply and coin distribution is below 50% in the top 25 wallets. If they arent disclosing this information i would be cautious.
✅ Make sure the Daily rewards * # of Masternodes = coin emission is not significantly larger than the btc order book. If it is MN will drop in price fast
✅ Coins that are only on Low volume exchanges like Graviex tend to drop in price so be weary of that.
✅ USE CASE!!!! make sure the coins is being utilized in real life!!!
✅ Has an exposed team definitely a plus++

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