#BITDEER I -V4- I 1000000 #Btc #satoshis I #CryptoBARSS

#BITDEER I -V4- I 1000000 #Btc #satoshis I #CryptoBARSS

100Th Contract Results!
– CryptoBars Excel Stats:
| – BITMAIN Computing Power Sharing Platform, directly from AntPool, Btc.com, and Dpool mining pools!
– Bitdeer is a platform providing service based on real miner machines. In order to make sure Bitdeer’s service plan price is competitive in the market, the platform’s price adjusts dynamically according to market conditions, demands, and mining difficulty. This is part of Bitdeer’s strength and something that other platforms can not match. For instance, when there is a large decrease in mining difficulty, Btdeer can quickly roll out a new price adjustment.
In general, you will benefit from this price adjustment. The Bitdeer service model is transparent, and payouts are made directly from pools to USERS WALLETS every day. That means you can turn around and REINVEST rapidly, and take advantage of lower prices for an even higher return.
You can find information regarding the price adjustment policy at the bottom of the pricing page. In the future, Bitdeer will also give 4 to 5 hours advanced notice of any price adjustments
– Every time the number of Subscribers increases by ~50!
– 10 Giveaways for 10 qualified subscribers!
EXAMPLE: At the moment we have 107 subscribers when it increases over 150 Subscribers, 10 giveaways will be played on following Wednesday. Each one =100150 BTC Lightning Satoshis or 1500 DOGE.
– Marathon Start: 20.01.19

Be Qualified :
1. Subscribe to The Channel. ( Switch subscriptions for public…)
2. Like This Video
3. Leave Positive Comments under this video!
4. Post Your 100150 lightning satoshis Invoice or your DOGECOIN address.
The invoice must have commented: (CryptoBARSS Giveaway Marathon + “your YouTube name “)

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