Bitcoin: Throw Out Everything You Know

Bitcoin: Throw Out Everything You Know

Bitcoin: I’m Throwing It All Away… And You Should Too.
No, I’m not saying throw your bitcoin away. I’m saying to throw out all the old analysis of Bitcoin. It’s too much noise and keeps you from being effective in the markets in the here and now.

00:25 This made me a much more effective trader by throwing this away.
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2:35 Preview of a chart we are going to cover where we can discuss how the markets really work when it comes to trading.
3:51 Start of the Bitcoin Analysis
4:21 A quick tip on how to draw channels very quickly for support and resistance by using the clone tool on trading view.
5:06 Key resistance level bulls need to reclaim in order to get bullish again.
6:39 Ascending triangle pattern forming on the hourly to watch for a potential breakdown or break out.
7:50 Bitcoin dominance
8:19 Scanning altcoins – MATIC, RLC, CHZ, VET,
11:23 Recapping our two traditional trades. Tesla Short and Uber Long.
14:48 What my last analysis on Bitcoin teaches about the market in general… (Hint: the market will always punish the most amount of people possible.)
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