4 LONG-TERM BITCOIN SCENARIOS | BTC Price Could Soon Pump Another 20 Percent

4 LONG-TERM BITCOIN SCENARIOS | BTC Price Could Soon Pump Another 20 Percent


Here’s the ‘4 Long-Term Bitcoin Scenarios’ shared on Crypto Twitter that are most likely to play out according to well known Cryptocurrency analyst Alex Kruger:

#1 – Bitcoin becomes a global reserve currency. Current hodlers, all proven to be early, get immensely rich.

#2 – Scarcity keeps price going up forever. Bitcoin continues to outperform. Investors do extraordinarily well.

#3 – After a few more epic runs $BTC eventually matures and settles into a wide range, like most commodities do (in real-terms). Bitcoin maxis turn into goldbugs 2.0.

#4 – Bitcoin dumps into oblivion. People keep on buying the dip. Bitcoiners get REKT.

In other Crypto news today, drastically dropping volumes on Crypto exchanges could mean that it’s the calm before the storm for the BTC price. Bitcoin volume on BitMEX, the leading destination for trading crypto derivatives, reached $784 million worth of BTC, its lowest level since March 30th. 

The last time the BitMEX exchange recorded such underwhelming numbers, the BTC price surged by more than 20 percent just two days later, kick-starting the 2019 bull run.

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