How To Join A Mining Pool

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This is Redfeather from Grep Haxs in this video we will be talking about
how to join a Bitcoin mining pool

but before we begin there is some very important things you should do before
mining any Bitcoin or for that matter joining any mining pool

in the proses of mining whether it be solo or in a mining pool this will cause your
system to work much harder and if not monitored could cause overheating

so in order to keep your system whether it be an all out mining rig or a gaming rig
or possibly laptop , PC just to get your feet wet in Bitcoin mining

monitoring your system is a must if you are running a Linux operating system you
can click on the software center and type open hardware monitor

you can see I have found four but it is up to you to chose the best one for your needs
as not one shoe fits everyone and you may have specific monitoring likes or needs than I do

or if you are a Linux or windows user you can go to open hardware monitor . Org there is also a
download there

so lets get started with joining a mining pool if you think of it as a swimming pool or an outside
pool the first thing that may come to mind is the temperature of the water in the pool so you use your big toe to sample the pool water

well mining Bitcoin or for that matter joining a mining pool is similar in nature but instead of
your big toe in order to get a feeling you must use your brain and hopefully make the proper choice

the best place to get started on this is at the wiki comparison of mining pools page there
is a lot of information concerning mining pools as well as links directly to the mining pools website
and links directly to there forums just encase you have questions

while on this page for example if you click the web link for Slush pool once there you may
notice they have a nice demo on what your mining pool account will look like and the operation of it

pretty much mining pool websites and account creation are the same as any other website
wen joining a mining pool of your preference there may or may not be rules to follow and or particular software that needs to be installed

this wiki comparison of mining pools page also shows any fees and how they are treated by the mining pool although these fees and the handling thereof could change as regions , countries or governments
put further taxation or restrictions on crypto currencies

I hope you have enjoyed this video hopefully you will join us for our next video on Bitcoin which will be How To Bitcoin Mine The Easy Way

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How To Join A Mining Pool

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