Zebi – Solving India’s Big data Problem with the Blockchain

Zebi ( is solving a critical problem in India – how to deal with the Zebibytes of data generated by 1.3 Billion people. India has some very specific problems such as land registry tampering and hotel guest registration that can be directly solved by blockchain technology. Today I talk to Babu Munagala and Phani Arega about how they are tackling this situation with their Proof of Authority Blockchain.


2:19 – Storing Land Registry Data on the Blockchain
3:13 – Blockchain Data is immutable
6:51 – Unique features of Zebi Blockchain
10:00 – Partnership with Andhra Pradesh Goverment to store 100,000 Land Registrations
13:14 – Solving India’s Visitor registration problem (hospitality industry)
17:16 – Use case for Zebi Token
20:40 – Indian Governments stance on Blockchain

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Zebi – Solving India’s Big data Problem with the Blockchain

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