$15K ETH in 2018 | Goldman BTC Futures | No Telegram ICO | $XRP $ADA $WAVES $ZEC $ELA News

Cryptocurrency News Daily with Crypto Love. Today: Reddit cofounder most bullish about ETH predicts $15,000 ethereum by the year end. Tim Draper sees $100 Trillion cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin payments return to Reddit along with Ethereum and Litecoin. 5 Things that will send Bitcoin back to the moon. Goldman Sachs launching Bitcoin Futures trading operation within weeks. Major investment bank predicts cryptocurrency wipeout. IOTA rallies after listing on Huobi, Cobinhood next. Telegram cancels public coin offering. Circle invest adds Zcash. Waves platform airdrop. Cardano roadmap update. Elastos presents to Warren Buffet at Omaha Summit 2018. Ripple is going after derivatives market with Codius. Argentina adds 4000 crypto ready ATMs.

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$15K ETH in 2018 | Goldman BTC Futures | No Telegram ICO | $XRP $ADA $WAVES $ZEC $ELA News

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