ALL ABOUT EOS! News, Outlook, Current Price, Registration, Dutch Auction, and More!

3:55 Crypto Market Update
7:00 EIP 999 Vote results – Parity Hack
9:45 EOS introduction
11:45 EOS Price Action recap
12:37 EOS speculation/market cap vs SpaceX
17:20 EOS token sale fine print
21:25 EOS token distribution model – Dutch Auction mechanism
28:40 EOS token registration process
31:55 EOS critical vulnerability and Dan Larimer’s response

Come join us for this weekly crypto live stream where we chat with you about latest cryptocurrency market updates and keep you updated with the cryptocurrency news today! We will also keep it interactive and try to answer as many (beginner) questions as possible. We will also very likely give away some Ethereum to whoever wins our trivia game at the end of the livestream. Topics generally include: Bitcoin/Ethereum updates, overall crypto market analysis, the latest cryptocurrency news, major Altcoin price movers, and interesting Initial Coin Offerings that have caught our eyes!

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Disclaimer: I am not an official investment advisor – everything I say is purely my opinion and you should never base any decision on that. Beware that cryptocurrency investing is inherently risky and may result in the total loss of funds.

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ALL ABOUT EOS! News, Outlook, Current Price, Registration, Dutch Auction, and More!

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