$150K BTC in 2018 | Loom and Fusion News | Charlie Lee Resigns | Vertcoin Hack | $VEN $ADA $IOTA

Cryptocurrency News Daily with Crypto Love. Today: Loom (LOOM) and Fusion (FSN) see large gains. Could Bitcoin reach $150,000 before 2019 – experts think so. CFTC Chairman says Bitcoin suited for long term buy and hold strategy. Ethereum has almost zero chance of SEC declaring it a security. IOTA and Hyperledger join MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) with BMW, GM, Ford and Renault. VeChainThor Blockchain Testing Schedule and Mainnet in June. Cardano makes POS as safe as POW and price may increase. Vertcoins Twitter account was hacked. Charlie Lee Resigning from Litecoin. Coinpayments and Abra accept Verge. Iran developing own cryptocurrency after gov’t ban. South Korean Central bank declares Cashless society.

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$150K BTC in 2018 | Loom and Fusion News | Charlie Lee Resigns | Vertcoin Hack | $VEN $ADA $IOTA

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